Fall Trave(b)logue

I was asked to write a piece for Early Music America Magazine that's a sort of travelogue of the busy period instrumentalist...Certainly my work is extremely varied and there's not much opportunity to get bored! From week to week, I find myself in different cities, playing different music in different styles at different pitches(!) with different wonderful colleagues, enjoying new environments, and having places to call (for a short time) "home." All the while, I work hard to keep up with the demands of practicing, prepare for the next week's concerts (reeds!), teach my students at Case Western Reserve (sometimes also teaching in the cities I visit), and a host of other administrative work.

I always joke with my students that I got a doctorate in scheduling! As someone who does a lot of different things - teaching, performing on multiple instruments (medieval to renaissance to baroque & classical), and running a non-for-profit chamber ensemble - I believe not in multi-tasking, but in compartmentalizing! 

I'll be charting my travels and projects this month on this blog...thanks for following along!