Recharging the batteries

August is traditionally a quiet time for me. It's the time when I get to recharge my batteries. I get to catch up - even get ahead - and there's plenty of time to indulge in gardening and cooking projects. 

I've been enjoying seeing plans for Les Délices' upcoming season (our 5th!) take shape, while creating the scores for our first concert, Woman Scorned, which is coming up in just a few weeks! 

I'm also working on programming concerts with the Case Collegium: a project based on the Roman de Fauvel with the medieval ensemble, and a Dowland project that will include viols, recorders, lute, and singers. The year is full of promise (and there's never a dull moment)!

Here's a glimpse of our garden a few weeks back. Many pickling and canning projects on the horizon this week!