That's a wrap!

Les Délices recently wrapped up their 10th Anniversary Season with a new program, “The Elements,” featuring Debra’s own arrangement of Rebel’s groundbreaking Les Elémens (1737) juxtaposed with a commissioned work by Theo Chandler.

The Plain Dealer’s Zach Lewis writes: “The foundation of the program was Jean-Fery Rebel’s “Les Elements,” a suite from 1737 whose depictions of the four Classical elements push just about every possible musical boundary. Eight artists with Les Delices performed the suite in its entirety along with three related works and a fresh commission from Theo Chandler in honor of the group’s 10th anniversary.” Read the review!

Songs without Words released on Navona Recordings Nov 9!


I’m incredibly proud of this new disc, released on Nov 9, 2018 by Navona Recordings. Learn more and sample the disc on their enhanced catalog page. Praise for Songs without Words:

“The program is totally seamless. Les Délices has taken care to assemble a program that makes musical sense, and that follows a sensible emotional progression. This CD simply asks us to lean back and enjoy it, and enjoy it I did!” – Fanfare Magazine

“Turning it all out in a sincere and authentic style, they found music that is right for any part of the century to be given their touch. A delightful chamber recital that doesn't require you to know anything about baroque or pop to fully enjoy that wonderful chops on display. Well done.”Midwest Record 

Les Délices' new CD released June 9!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of Les Délices' newest CD Age of Indulgence! Reviews have been coming in from all over the place! Here are links to a few:

"there are harmonic and rhetorical surprises on nearly every track of the disc. Baroque music fans should definitely indulge themselves in this recording." 

Now available from Amazon | iTunes | Naxos Direct and on Spotify


Feature in Cleveland Scene

Whether for Contemporary or Old Music, Two Artists Find Cleveland a Great Place to Live and Work

Cleveland provides fertile ground for artists who have grown up or gone to school here and later decided to make the city their home and a place for creating their artistic identities.

Just to choose two examples, composer and new music advocate Timothy Beyer, and Baroque oboist Debra Nagy have chosen to settle here — rather than move to the coasts — and each has established an ensemble that both represent their individual artistic missions and contribute to the cultural life of Cleveland.

Read more


Les Délices Feature in the NYTimes!

"The program is emblematic of Les Délices, a Cleveland-based ensemble led by the oboist Debra Nagy: thematically concise, richly expressive, and featuring composers few people have heard of and even fewer have performed. Concerts and recordings by Les Délices are journeys of discovery. Melissa Smey, Miller Theater’s executive director, likens the ensemble to an early-music group with an avant-garde appetite. Ms. Nagy, she said in a phone interview, “has a kind of spirit of adventure that’s very similar to a lot of the contemporary music ensembles that we work with at Miller.” - Corinna Fonseca-Wollheim

Read the entire article.

Fall Trave(b)logue

I was asked to write a piece for Early Music America Magazine that's a sort of travelogue of the busy period instrumentalist...Certainly my work is extremely varied and there's not much opportunity to get bored! From week to week, I find myself in different cities, playing different music in different styles at different pitches(!) with different wonderful colleagues, enjoying new environments, and having places to call (for a short time) "home." All the while, I work hard to keep up with the demands of practicing, prepare for the next week's concerts (reeds!), teach my students at Case Western Reserve (sometimes also teaching in the cities I visit), and a host of other administrative work.

I always joke with my students that I got a doctorate in scheduling! As someone who does a lot of different things - teaching, performing on multiple instruments (medieval to renaissance to baroque & classical), and running a non-for-profit chamber ensemble - I believe not in multi-tasking, but in compartmentalizing! 

I'll be charting my travels and projects this month on this blog...thanks for following along!

Recharging the batteries

August is traditionally a quiet time for me. It's the time when I get to recharge my batteries. I get to catch up - even get ahead - and there's plenty of time to indulge in gardening and cooking projects. 

I've been enjoying seeing plans for Les Délices' upcoming season (our 5th!) take shape, while creating the scores for our first concert, Woman Scorned, which is coming up in just a few weeks! 

I'm also working on programming concerts with the Case Collegium: a project based on the Roman de Fauvel with the medieval ensemble, and a Dowland project that will include viols, recorders, lute, and singers. The year is full of promise (and there's never a dull moment)!

Here's a glimpse of our garden a few weeks back. Many pickling and canning projects on the horizon this week!

ABS Academy Redux

I had a great time at this year's American Bach Soloists Festival & Academy. I had 4 fabulous oboe students who (I think) all learned a lot, felt challenged, and found our two weeks together to be a very rewarding experience! It was very cool to get to know Biber's Missa Salisburgensis (in 53 parts!) and a complete thrill to play Handel's Esther. Highlights of the trip also included some fabulous food and drink, and most remarkable colleagues! Bravi tutti!

All kinds of fabulous photos are available at the ABS Academy blog 

On Tour: Giacomo Variations

I'm on tour right as a member of the orchestra for a wacky collaboration called The Giacomo Variations starring John Malkovich.  The best part is traveling to great cities: New York, Montreal & Toronto!